image Nairobi is known as the hub of Kenya, a city in the sun. Well known for its tremendous growth in thriving to be the most modern capital & also as a business center of various sectors; the informal (Juakali), Banking, Tourism Trade shows, Real estate and the Nairobi stock exchange.70%of this has contributed in boosting the country’s GDP.The boundless energy from the residents is evident, working from 8am to 5pm weekdays and Saturdays till noon. The city consistently hosts both local and international conferences e.g. Ticad, Kicc playing host.

However, what is the political state of the city? Are we getting it right? Is it a game to be won? Who are the players, supporters and spectators in this game? Clearly the Nairobians’ are tired of mediocrity, edged to believe it’s time for real change. Just some few months to elections and the state is ‘dramatic ‘while some of the promises remain empty. Since 2013 to date the condition has deteriorated from Scandals, demonstrations’, theatrics, fights like kindergarten to Corruption being the hit topic. As a matter of fact the NYS saga has opened eyes wider, it’s interesting how billions can be lost and none is able to account for the sum, not even the bank.

Let’s get to the leaders, what is the achievement so far? Are the leaders worth a second chance? All they have done is start projects that will give people a reason to vote them back. Led by the Governor Evans kidero who previously had a fight with the women rep and other ‘chaos’ in the office, the senator who ditches out wealth and speeches ‘aimlessly’? Let’s not even get to the MPs and MCAs because they no longer own the city.

The political fever of the gubernatorial race is rising every day. Most people would think the presidency seat is the most contested for, but the political state suggests otherwise. The governor is the most competitive. Currently six candidates have declared their interests in the gubernatorial race, among others who are declaring their interests as the fever increases, including; Bishop Margaret Wanjiru and Peter Kenneth. The big question is, who is the game changer?
imageEvans Kidero

He is currently the governor of Nairobi who definitely wants to seat back holding an ODM ticket. He claims that he needs a second term in order to complete the ‘projects’ that he had already started. An academic and a brilliant leader, having been a CEO in one of the largest company(Mumias sugar).This shows he has already accumulated serious wealth to feed generations, seems he may be fit enough to feed Nairobi as well by completing his ‘projects’. However, will the residents vote him back considering his previous drama in the office that displayed not so good of an example to the citizens, not forgetting that he is on the opposition side which is not quite stable because Jubilee is determined to take over the city? Nevertheless, he remains to be one of the few who stand a chance in the race.

Johnson Sakaja

Hon Sakaja is a main candidate holding a jubilee ticket. Genious and idealistic, Holding a profession in actuarial science and currently pursuing a political course. Being a consultant who offers financial and strategic help to both government and private entities, he may stand a chance. He argues that his focus is on the young people to provide job skills, He may be the solution to unemployment which has been the headache of the city. Appears to be united stating in a recent interview that he doesn’t mind joining hands with the opposition as long as it’s at the citizens interest. He goes ahead and commends John mbadi’s who is a member of opposition way of thinking calling him ‘my favorite politician’. Is he influential enough to dethrone kidero and Sonko, may be he would have led better of a senator in this term. He is a brilliant mind to watch in the race.

Mike Sonko

Senator Mike Sonko holding a TNA ticket, well known for his generosity, wealth and dress code, almost mistaken to be a hip-hop artist due to his flashy style. He has a great influence in the city especially on the youths, he stands a big chance compared to the rest. The famous Swahili sating, ‘Kusema na Kutenda’ literally applies in his leadership. Ever since he got into politics he’s caused absolute growth in every aspect you can imagine; food, transport, health and other help and welfare foundations. He’s been a ‘breakthrough’ to many people in the city. This explains his net worth. Though some are still doubtful of where he gets his money from. But is he moral enough to be a governor? Considering his abusive speeches and dishhing out of money ‘aimlessly’. Some think he is better of as a senator. He sarcastically stated to be the acting president when Uhuru was away on a state visit abroad. He is the second rate version of the majority leader Allan Duale and Gatundu MP Moses kuria. Is he morally upright to represent our city as a governor? Due to his influence on the average people he remains to be a threat to the rest.

Miguna Miguna

Miguna is one of the most interesting candidates, quite controversial, fearless and speaks his mind. Mistaken to be arrogant but emulates Donald Trump mannerism. He has not stated his party yet, which automatically makes him an independent candidate, apparently he served as a senior advisor to the opposition leader but ironically he never chose the opposition side as people would have expected. His loyalty is not on either parties but on the citizens. However, his recent interview on JKL live with the aspiring governor, Esther Passaris caused an enormous reaction from Kenyans. As much as he is fearless enough to ‘roast’ leaders openly with concrete evidence that’s not deniable, is he fit enough to change the game? Will the Nairobians give him a chance to practically apply every tactic he knows about politics. He is an interesting candidate to watch, the ‘Donald Trump’ of our city, Nairobi.

Dennis Waweru

Entrepreneur Dennis Waweru holding a jubilee ticket is determined to dethrone Kidero. He is known to be an aggressive entrepreneur investing in real estates and owning faida investment. Rumors tell he may be wealthier than Sen. Sonko but slightly poor than Dr. Evans kidero. Having been an MP in Dagorretti constituency, can he attain the jubilee flag or could 2022 offer him a better chance. As the competition gets real, his influence in the city hasn’t been felt yet. On a recent Facebook posts he said” for too long the governor has been aloof and too academic, we must raise questions of accountability of the 20billion lost “, however, the response from the residents was negative arguing that he should improve on Dagorreti first before he jumps to the next level. He has quite a long way to go in comparison to his running mates.
imageEsther Passaris

Esther Passaris a social entrepreneur who is one of the female figures in Nairobi. Ran for embakasi MP alongside Maina kamanda and woman rep along Shebesh in the previous election. In 2013 she slightly lost to Shebesh in the woman rep Race, this shows if she was to vie for the same race again may be she would stand a better chance as a woman rep. Her interest as an aspiring governor was rekindled when her previous interview alongside Miguna fierily hit the screens, she alleged that Miguna disrespected her gender by his sarcastic speech.

Nevertheless she is fully determined to prove him wrong all the way to the ballot box. Esther Passaris and Hillary Clinton differ less, she is willing to believe victory all the way to the ballot box. 

The road to election is getting real as the drama unfolds. The political temperatures are rising daily. The game is not a friendly match anymore. It is a game to be won by th

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